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We send invite codes at 9:00 PM
Game starts at 10:00 PM 


One Ticket
One Ticket
Rs. 30/game
Three Tickets
Three Tickets
Rs. 70/game
Six Tickets
Six Tickets
Rs. 100/game

UPI Payment

You can use the following scan code or the following Apps to pay
Share screenshot on the WhatsApp Group after making the payment







Scan Code
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Step 1
Step 1

Open App and Select PLAY AS GUEST

Step 2
Step 2

Enter your First and Last Name (Do not enter initials)  

Step 3
Step 3

Tap on "I've an Invite Code".
The Invite Code will be shared on the WhatsApp Group

Trial Games

Before you buy your ticket we strongly recommend that you
1. Download the App on your phone or tablet (Android or iOS)
2. Join a Trial game to get comfortable with it.


Rules & Prizes

In addition to these rules, please note the following:

Number of claims per device/player: 2 minor and 1 Full Housie per player/device.

Only one player can claim a prize at the same number call?

Maximum tickets per player/device is six.


Jaldi 5 - 10% of ticket collection
Corners - 10% of ticket collection
1st Row - 10% of ticket collection
2nd Row - 10% of ticket collection
3rd Row - 10% of ticket collection

1st Full House - 30% of ticket collection
2nd Full House - 20% of ticket collection

Terms and Disclaimers

Fastest Finger First

Person who claims the prize first gets it. 

Prize Calculation

The Prize will be divided by the total amount of money collected through ticket sales in the following manner: 30% for the 1st Full House, 20% for the 2nd Full House, and the balance 50% divided by 5 for Jaldi 5, Corners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Row respectively.

Cash Prize Payment

Prize money will be paid by UPI only


The game might get cancelled/rescheduled last minute due to whatever reason. 


The players must be 18 years of age to play the game. If the player is not 18, their parent's consent and approval would be required for them to participate in the game. 

Prize Checking

Valid tickets are checked automatically by the App. 

Maximum Claims

A single player can claim a maximum of two minor prize and one full house prize. 

Full Name Required

Enter your first and last names when opening the App the first time. Do not use Initials as the host will be unable to assign tickets to the player.

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